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41: Fideles

Photo by Torture The Artist

“Take Me Home...”

In the not-too-distant past, EDM-related genres were associated with caricature-like cult followings and basic cadences to its music. Techno - one of the genres at the forefront of electronic music’s evolution - would show, over time, how ill-informed these tags were. It is music born out of fusion, collaboration, and the desire to assert its authority, and so it did.

Fast forward to the modern day, Techno has travelled and reached locations far beyond its humble, Detroit roots. With so many subgenres birthed all over the road, Techno continues to be a platform for artistic innovation.

With Fideles, this is a trait that’s clear in their catalogue of music to date. For over a decade, we’ve watched and heard the Italian duo grow and continue to display an array of skills in their artistry; carving out sounds that gave them their competitive advantage in the first place, whilst supplementing the outside-the-box thinking with more traditional and conventional tracks that leave its mark in raves and festivals alike.

Indeed, when you consider Techno’s lasting legacies and contributions from mainland Europe after it made its way to this side of the world, the two DJs bringing their southern Italian perspective seems like a comedic mismatch for the ages. Quite literally, it was fire meeting ice, but the resultant thermodynamic reaction crafted distinct, unparalleled melodies and polished drum patterns.

And visually? Fideles’ sets are the true embodiment of their prime-time billings. From Ibiza to Tomorrowland- merely the beginning for very well-travelled passports – their reputation on stage is as eclectic as their electronic symphony of sounds.

“Musical influence I’ve had up until now have come from electronic sounds of the 80’s and trip-pop in the early 90’s. These electronic elements really stand out for me, and I hope to hear them increasingly in the future...”

These contrasts have proven to be Fideles’ superpowers in their realm. They describe their own music as “mature,” stating that:

“By saying we want to deliver a mature sound we mean we want to deliver quality. We focus a lot on mixing and mastering as we know it’s really important to pay attention to this...”

One minute you can feel like you’re journeying in a sci-fi movie-like frontier, and in an instant you can be teleported onto the dancefloor with the sun beaming into your sunglasses. It is perhaps expected of a duo who have personal interests in aviation, nature, and family, that they challenge us to follow their unique moods.

Like tides of the ocean, listeners connect to their introspective expressions that flow through every direction. It’s refreshing to have music of substance like they produce guide your serenities, leaving the “vibe” chasers looking on from the outside trying to make sense of it all.

Cover Art for Fideles "See You In Dreams"
Cover Art for Fideles "The Border EP"
Cover Art for Fideles "Ran Baran EP"
Cover Art for Fideles "Impressum One EP"
Cover Art for Fideles "Brain Machine EP"

Written by: @WhosAria

Edited by: @Arriver

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