Welcome to Arriver. A platform for those who are hidden in plain sight.
An in-depth look at established artist careers that relate to social, political, and/or spiritual issues.
This showcase features underrated, talented performers whose names have yet to be discovered.
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An explanation of what Arriver is about and our vision for the future of music as it relates to  mission and values.
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Arriver. For those you don’t see coming.

Arriver is a platform for those that are hidden in plain sight. The musicians/artists that, we believe, are yet to fulfill their destiny and connect their essence to a wider audience. We take those artists and shine a light on their talent and innovation and allow them to express themselves in their raw form.

Martin Toby Nwabunor

Headphones. My best friend from a young age. 

From Alien Ant Farm to Bonobo, to the late Prodigy and MC Jin, my music palate was enhanced to the point where I began to see the talent in those that were unseen and unacknowledged.

After graduating in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, I chose to pursue my passion in Music. Working for Hear This Promotions, I was deep into projects and communicating with talented artists all around the world.

Years of freelance music promo, with experience in marketing and establishing relationships with various artists all over the world; but I saw that those that were deemed"average" often broke the mould, bringing something fresh to the scene despite being overlooked by intermediate-to-major record labels. 

And thus, Arriver

Where artists get the recognition, they deserve.

A launching pad for great careers with even greater potential.


Rappers.Singers. Producers.  


All talent is welcome.

My name is Martin Toby Nwabunor, and this is Arriver