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40: BXKS

Photo By Prexa

“I Had To Sit With Myself And Deep It...Actions Over The Words...”

We have delved into various forms of media detailing the human condition on previous Insight Issues, most recently Majid Jordan. But I wanted this to be a more meticulous piece  concerning the highlighted artist, who in her own right could be a force of nature pretty soon. The medium we will be diving into is Anime, currently a culture all in itself with millions of adherents. Genres can vary from “Josei”, geared towards adult women, to “Isekai”, which explores a protagonist’s struggles with adaptation and self-worth. Generally, anime tend up-beat and positive, encouraging the reader to remain determined and resolute, but the anime in which the highlighted artist favors is as real and as dark as it gets.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion" is an iconic Japanese anime series created by Hideaki Anno. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic future, the story follows Shinji Ikari, a teenage boy recruited to pilot a giant biomechanical robot called an Evangelion against mysterious beings called Angels. In addition to battling these otherworldly threats, Shinji must grapple with his own internal demons, complex relationships with his fellow pilots, and existential questions. In the series, existentialism, identity, and the nature of consciousness are explored extensively, culminating in an ending that is controversial and thought-provoking. Human Instrumentality is central to the series and is explored in relation to the dissolution of individuality, the boundaries between self and others, and the nature of human connection. Music plays a thematic role within the narrative of the show. Characters such as Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami often find solace and expression through music, reflecting their inner struggles and desires, with music serving as a means of communication between characters, the series explores human relationships and the search for meaning in a world filled with uncertainty, much like the real world. The highlighted artist is BXKS (formerly known as Beks), the rapidly rising UK rapper, who didn’t know what or where she would be earlier on in life, has found her way and the scene is better off for it.

Born in Luton, BXKS found her fondness for music through the church with family. Her father would play multiple instruments in the home studio, where she would begin to sing along. The original idea was to become a singer from here, but she felt, as a young woman, that path was oversaturated. She had reached a crossroads, does she play the lottery and strive to sing, or try something similar? . Her human connection with those close encouraged her to write bars instead. It is clear that she made the right decision, and those who are aware of her will be able to thank the Lord for it.

Drill music was the start off point starting with a BL@CKBOX, catching Skepta’s attention with her “Next Up?” freestyle at a time where that genre was the hottest, but she understood the growth she needed to undertake to make it. After a brief break, she would return with “Work Life” with the alt-rapper “Kish!”, providing a nostalgic sound, clever rhymes, and a catchy chorus, a song that brings forth a more positive vibe.

After the pandemic, a couple of singles were released leading  up to her best work, in my personal opinion, “Full Time Daydreamer.” In her 'Alternative Grime' production, she fuses grime with a modern twist to give her slick delivery that extra edge, garnering positive reviews and a need for more from UK rap/Grime fans, who in turn needed more from the scene as a whole.

Cover Art for BXKS' "Full Time Daydreamer"

Aside from the mixtape, BXKS and director Sheenah Brobbey collaborated on a music video for her track 'Must Feel,' in which social media users are trapped inside a dark dystopia. With a rich purple colour palette and moody lighting, director Brobbey incorporates more than a few cues from Neon Genesis, as well as broader references to dystopian sci-fi. The atmosphere is far from miserable, though, and it's even a little inviting-despite the apparently disjointed social interactions.

Sound is the flavour of the moment, and she continues to develop new harmonies and melodies to separate herself from the average UK rap artist. Being inspired by The Rap fantasy stage at The Boiler Room Festival in Amsterdam, the first thought was to return to the studio and try something different, spitting on a house beat. This would become “Back It Up,” her latest, club-ready single featuring an artist I’ve personally worked with; Lamsi.

Her latest work was released quite recently, a breath of fresh air for UK music in general. For UK rap fans, the 'One Time' EP is an exhilarating start to a new journey, and an exciting starting point for new listeners. BXKS is already reshaping the narrative for women in hip-hop. This project contains grime, alternative, electronica, and jazz-fusion music, featuring BXKS' trademark gritty basslines and hard-hitting flow. Clearly demonstrating her ability to push the boundaries of the genre.

With the future bright and constructive, she hasn’t forgotten the path she has taken to get to where she is. She remains self-aware of what she puts into the music, knowing that music is extremely influential and remembering that people are consuming what she is selling. She prioritises human connection and critique, remaining grounded and composed on her journey through music.

“Your work could either affect them in a really good way or a really bad one...”  

In her music, she uses futuristic beats and gamer-ready samples and sounds. The artist beautifully and intricately creates her own sound while addressing everyday pressures and surviving a rapidly changing world. As a relatively new artist, BXKS, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and hopefully can bring a more nuanced aura to the UK Rap and Alternative Grime scenes.

Written by: @Arriv3r

Edited by: @Arriv3r