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36: Peggy Gou

Photo By Dan Medhurst

“Your Art...Can We See It Now?...”

Image is everything. It emphasizes the notion that how individuals present themselves and how entities, whether they are individuals or businesses, are perceived can have a profound impact on success, relationships, and social acceptance. Taking care of and cultivating an authentic image is essential in many aspects of one's life. Individuals' perceptions of themselves often affect their self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. Personal success and happiness can be enhanced by cultivating a positive self-image. Even in business, it is essential for marketers and advertising departments to create a positive image for their products and services. There are no Industries that encapsulates these factors more than the music and fashion industries, and yes artists are products.

“Artists are faced with a lot of identity struggles and tensions which a lot of creative people encounter as well. The main prevailing issue or tension creative people constantly encounter that is unresolved is creativity versus commerce...”

Success is determined not only by the “talent” per say but in addition, the visual of said artist. Right now? I can’t think of a more appropriate artist to showcase this then the current electronic superstar Peggy Gou. Born on July 3, 1991, in Incheon, South Korea, this electronic music sensation has taken the world by storm with her unique sound, infectious energy, and boundary-breaking approach to the art of visualization.

Her culturally rich upbringing exposed her to a variety of styles and genres. As a result of her early exposure to jazz, piano, and traditional Korean music, she developed an eclectic taste and a broader musical horizon. After attending a London school to study English at 14, she would return to the UK to venture in a Design degree at the London College of Fashion. Deciding to pursue the decks instead, the passion for style remained. Cirque Le Soir, Soho and The Book Club were her home hereafter, performing sets regularly and honing her craft. Her first track “Hungboo” featured at the 2016 Style Icon Awards, a visual art piece featuring the most cutting edge of Korean fashion at the time.

With the release of "Art of War" on the prestigious Rekids label in 2016, Gou reached a pivotal point in her career. The track won her critical acclaim and opened up a wealth of international opportunities thanks to its captivating rhythm and entrancing melodies. At first, Gou donned only black T-shirts for gigs, as most DJs do. She thought it would demonstrate her knowledge of dance music, as it was almost an unspoken social norm. The fashion background has since relaxed her, and she is embracing it.

After touring North America and becoming the inaugural Korean DJ to perform at Berghain, the world was her oyster. Coachella, Glastonbury, ADE were to name a few of the spaces she would grace. Live performances by Peggy Gou are captivating musical journeys. The combination of her ability to blend tracks from different genres and eras with her acute sense of audience energy makes her a sought-after performer.

“My Image, Is Reflected Again...”

Gou's influence extends to the fashion industry as well. Her unique fashion sense has made her a style icon, as demonstrated by her collaboration with YOOX in 2019. Her musical sensibilities and fashion sense were beautifully merged in this project. The fashion events she attends and the publications she appears in further solidify her reputation. With her collaboration with KIRIN, Gou's vibrant fashion style is reflected in a range of clothing and accessories. She hoped that this partnership would introduce her distinctive style to a wider audience, allowing fans to get a sense of the aesthetic world she lives in.

KIRIN Fall 2019 Collection

The items themselves are undoubtedly Gou even if Virgil Abloh was the inspiration for the range. Kirin's name is derived from the Korean word for giraffe, which is also her spirit animal and is always present in the audience at her concerts.

"Moreover, the K and R become distinct, which represent Korea, if you slide down the Kirin label. Although I believe you should never forget where you're from, there was a moment I wanted to look different..."

Gou's artistic abilities extend beyond music and fashion. In 2019, she founded Gudu Records, an independent label that acts as a platform for developing talent and makes important contributions to the electronic music scene. Her diverse career demonstrates her versatility as a creative force.

Peggy Gou's meteoric ascent in the music realm stands as a testament to her distinctive fusion of raw talent, steadfast dedication, and an avant-garde approach to musical exploration. From house to techno, disco to funk, Gou seamlessly blends diverse musical styles, crafting a unique sonic identity that resonates across a broad audience. Her ability to transcend traditional boundaries not only renders her art accessible but universally appealing. At the core is her commitment to producing music that elicits profound emotional responses. Meticulously attending to details in her compositions, she sets herself apart by weaving intricate layers into captivating musical narratives. She serves as a powerful illustration of how passion, innovation, and courage can profoundly shape an artist's trajectory. Originating in South Korea, her remarkable journey has left an indelible mark on the global stage. Her unwavering determination and distinct artistic vision have enabled her to carve out a unique niche in the dynamic world of electronic music. Her relentless pursuit of breaking new ground positions her as a wellspring of inspiration for emerging artists, embodying the boundless inventive potential within the electronic music realm. Peggy Gou's narrative affirms that true touch knows no limits.

Written by: @Arriv3r

Edited by: @Arriv3r