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How did you first get into music?

I started playing guitar at 8 and started songwriting around 11. I was a very shy child and songwriting was a vessel for me to talk about my doubts and questions for the future. Ironically, I started songwriting in English having a very limited level in the language as I did not want my parents to understand what the lyrics said (my mother tongue is French). Then at 15, I wrote a musical theatre play which had me think a bit more about the musical composition and how to write for other instruments than voice and guitar. In 2017, I moved to London to study contemporary classical composition for my bachelor’s degree which completely changed my perception on music and what can be achieved by using this medium.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Weakness?

I think I’m good at developing musical ideas and concepts to explore. I am also good at identifying what I like and don’t like in music/ what works. I could definitely be better in giving people more space to develop their ideas.

How do you nurture your own creativity?

I draw inspiration from so many places, but I guess I also see songwriting as a way to process emotions. I’m currently on a journey of healing and self-work at the moment, so my songs tend to talk about this. But I also like to nourish my soul with books, movies, of course music and going to live concerts as well as exhibitions. I think as a composer, you always need to be open to so many different topics and stay curious. So, I guess that’s how I nurture my creativity.

What is your creative process when making music?

When I write songs, I usually start with the lyrics, without any instruments around me. I find that this gives me a great amount of freedom and removes the pressure (or habit) to stick to a time signature or scale. When I have a nice idea for the lyrics (which is often accompanied by a melody), I will pick up my guitar and play with different chords progression. I think play and improvisation is extremely important and gives my process more authenticity. I really like to perform my work to an audience to assess how my song is doing. I’m slowly getting into production which I guess will become part of my creative process.

What are your interests outside of work?

When I’m not doing music, I am working out (I love running, football and cycling), or reading (currently reading ‘Another Country’ by James Baldwin, would recommend) or hanging out with friends and going to events. In the future, I am looking to organise some multi-disciplinary events that bring musicians and other artists together. I also just started doing drag.

What is your proudest achievement so far as an artist?

I guess the obvious answer would be releasing my first single as an independent artist (which I am definitely proud of) but on a more personal level, it is deciding to give music a real chance and moving to Berlin to make that possible. I’ve been living in Berlin for 1 year now and I can acknowledge the growth I have achieved in that short amount of time and the challenges I have faced which makes me very excited for the future.

What are your plans in the coming months?

I have a concert on September 30th in Berlin where I will be performing a bit more of my French songs. Otherwise, I’m currently working on a funding application to release my debut EP. I am also part of a band called ‘Momo + the transplants’ which has been very inspiring and we are looking for future performances. I’m definitely looking forward to 2024 where I am planning on releasing new music (finally).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The 1 million Euro question! Here would be my dream situation. Earning my money from music be it from different variations of what the music industry encompasses. Releasing my debut EP in 2024 and my debut album in 2026. Forming a band named ‘BLUEM + The murk Prinx’ and touring around Europe and even internationally. Continue to collaborate with other artists (I would love to write for video or film, even a video game. I also have this cello and vibraphone duo piece in mind). Start a Queer-led music+ event which gives infrastructure and mentorship as well as performing opportunities to artists identifying as LGBTQ+ and allies. Also maybe complete my first triathlon? ;)



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