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Arkh Zeus

Who has been your most influential teacher or mentor?


I’d have to say my mentor, KayO— for sure. She’s the very reason I decided to bet on myself and become an artist. She believed in me before anybody else, and always inspires me to try my best.


What is your creative process when making music?


My creative process can either be the most linear or abstract thing in the world.There’s no set order to how I bring my ideas to life. I like to allow myself to get immersed in whatever it is that I’m making. If the creation can’t strip me down to any bit of vulnerability, then it’s not done yet.


What is your main inspiration?


My main inspirations are Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco and Sadistik. The 3 of them have their very distinct way of expressing their genius that resonates with me so heavily that I can literally feel it in my bones when I get creative. I definitely made their essence my own over the years.


What is your proudest achievement so far as an artist?


My proudest “achievement” has to be my bond with Owen intertwining with our crafts as artists. I get to make the best music of my life with my best friend. We curated our own sound and get to hear it transcend across the boundaries of music with every project we make.