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How did you first get into music?

When I was younger, around the age of 6 / 7 years, my uncles had a JVC-S50. They had CDs, mostly 90s hip hop, RnB and some Disco Funk. While they played this when staying with them, or in their cars, my ears would never catch the lyrics, only the instrumental. I loved listening to it. I used to go through the CDs when alone just searching for the instrumentals I liked,whether there were lyrics on top. It was a hit of dopamine, so I constantly searched. My first drumming was with a pencil and ruler on the science class desk in secondary school. Then tried out using "Music DJ" on the old Sony Ericsson’s, (w810i I think was the model). I tried fruit loops and uninstalled immediately three times. I hated it. The fourth time, I used fruitloops till this day. Only from the 2000s did I realise that the people were sampled from the 60s and 80s.


Who have you been able to work with so far?

Someone from Atlanta, another from Alabama (my brother, Dean Gebhardt), my brother @suspensemc who's extremely supportive, my brother @tcaldw3ll who is J. Cole basically (@stephmaye12 linked me to him), @davetoken @elisabetetv. My brother and ally Hamza Acharoui, linked through my brother and ally Mo Awais. My brother @k.wilson_photos. My brother Shakir Mohammed who had critiqued my beats and always banged them out in his whip when I need to check the car master. There of course is Toby Nwabunor for this publicity. I cannot thank him enough.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Weakness?

I believe we have weaknesses we don't even know about until someone better comes to teach us. I would say mine is not experimenting other genres but defining a genre can be different to the listener or producer. I can't read or write music (musical notes). I don't know what sounds the keys make until I press them, so to come up with a melody, I spent awhile pressing keys until I find the correct notes.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

Gaming, cooking, filming, photography, reading on psychology, reminding people of the truth that is hidden from them by society,engaging with level-headed people.

How do you nurture your own creativity?

Learning from others. Being teachable. Staying humble. Zero ego. The more open you are with less pride you have, the clearer the perspective on what you can learn from others, and what you're missing from your art. 

What is your creative process when making music?

Feeling and vibe first. When my head starts bobbing and I make a face like someone set off some eggy fart to a melody in my head or a melody I hear from somewhere else, it's already begun. For sampling, it'schopping first, then drums and bass later. Synth beats, the process is reversed- drums first, then instruments, then bass. Mastering always at the end, and so important.

Who has been the most influential to you?

For producing and beat making, many producers. A very longlist. As said before, be open, and everyone can teach you something. The best way is to see who produced every 90s Hip Hop/RnB, then see who they sampled from 60s to 80s. Now though, 2018 UNDERGROUND is mad - it's like what I stated but on crack. The most would be whoever people say I sound like. I've been told J Dilla, Madlib, 9th wonder and Alchemist.

What is your main inspiration?

To have something that's mine, for myself. Then to keep as a record for myself. The idea of having a timed recording that can be heard of an introspective moment is one of main inspirations I can identify now.

What is your proudest achievement so far as an artist?

I wouldn't really say I have one, I'm just a chubby dude who makes beats. There's always room for improvement, but saying that, I'm proud of my improvement and unique texture. I would say it's different in London.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Closer to God. Alhamdulillah. As a producer and/or personally. We will see, God willing. I have already started to create new sounds, will do and should do. Why?, because the listener defines the genre now days.